-N.E.S.Sougandh Showri

On last summer,I went to Tirupati with my family.We went to khammam by bus.Our Grand ma and pa came to station and send off us.The Train arrived at 10.40 p.m.,We we went in to the train and sat on our seats for some time.After half an hour,we took out food and ate.We went to sleep .
On the next morning we went to Tirupati.We took a room in a lodge and freshed up ourselves.We took breakfast.The journey to Tirumala,the bus passed through seven hills.The seven hills were very beautiful.So many curves were there.In the way,we saw some people walking and some are coming on cars.
Before that,we saw the entrance of the Tirumala.There was 15 minutes checking.We went to the seven hills.We took the tickets and paid our mokkulu.After that,I dressed and bought caps.I and my family had lunch at 1.30 p.m.,next we took the Rs.300/- tickets to visit Lord Venkateswara .We satisfied vey much by seeing Lord Balaji.We were very happy.We came out and sat for a while.We purchased toys and photos.After that we returned to our lodge at 11.30 p.m..
On next morning we freshed and had breakfast. We engaged a vehicle and visited many temples like 1. kodanda ramalayam,2.ISCON Temple,3.kapila teertham,4.padmavati temple (Tiruchanur),etc.,We went to lodge at 2.30 p.m.,We had lunch and come to Railway station and catched Padmavati express.And arribed khammam at 4.30a.m.,and took the bus.We came back to Bhadrachalam at 6.00 a.m.

(Master N.E.S.Sougandh Shouri is studying 8th class in the St.Pauls Lutheran School,Bhadrachalam)
                                                           PALLURU FALLS.

School children and staff of Z.P.S.S,Nandigamapadu had a picnic trip (vidya vignana yatra) on 30-12-12 .Visited palluru jalapatam and Mothugudem.The places are in Khammam district and blessed with great natural beauty.Some of the pics are presented here for you.Palluru jalapatam was very busy on sunday as many other school kids and other people have also come here on the same day.